2 classrooms built by Madras Anchorage RT 100 & Madras Amigos RT 260 @ Girls School

MART Block – A joint FTE project of Madras Anchorage RT 100 and Madras Amigos RT 260.

MART 100 along with MART 260 decided together to build 2 classrooms as joint FTE project this year too. The project was at Jai Gopal Garodia Government Girls Higher Secondary School. The school is situated in Chennai. The school has 2600 children and the need for the classroom was very high. We had approached the headmistress and she readily agreed to co-operate and got us all the clearances to start the project.

We submitted our proposal for a cost of Rs.14,16,553/- for the 2 classrooms. The approval come with a grant of 7 lakhs rupees for 2 classrooms. In true spirit of tabling 2 tables were jointly constructing classrooms , 2nd year in a row. The project was constructed under the Chairmanship of CM Tr Vikas Bhootra of MART 100 and CM Tr Himanshu Budhia of MART 260.

The project was handled by project conveners Tr Satish Mehta of MART 100 and Tr Kishore of MART 260 with the support of tablers and circlers of both MART 100 and MART 260.

The building was completed in 4 months and inaugurated in the presence of Area Chairman, Tr Akshay Dugar on 21st of Feb, 2017. It was well attended by tablers and circlers of MART 100 and MART 260.


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