Twinklers of Ahmedabad RT 40 meet Santa Claus!


It was 25th December 2016, beautiful Sunday morning where the Christmas Tree was decorated with Red Socks hanging on it which is nothing but the wish of young kids from Uncle Santa. There is an excitement for the kids to wake up early in the morning to get surprise gift near their socks.

 We are at ART 40 and ALC 64 have decided to continue our tradition of Santa Clause Twinkler Activity. Tr. Animesh and Tr. Rohan have dressed up like Santa at 10:00am in the morning. We First of all decided to visit Prakash School, which is a School for mentally challenged kids and along with Two Santa and Four Tablers  have joined the School and greeted the under privileged mentally challenged kids by giving them Sweets and dancing with them for some time to bring smiles on their faces.

At 10:30am, Two Santa were divided in Two cars, they went to the home of Tablers, HTs, and 41ners as per the route decided by the convener. They have personally met each and every Twinkler of our 40-64 family and give them toys, cake and chocolates at their places. Twinklers had also called all the neighbor  friends to showcase that Santa Claus has coming to their house. On this auspicious day, Tr. Animesh visited to the house Tr. Saurabh whose daughter is just 3 months old who had also smiled looking at the Santa which also touched our heart very much.

This is the day where all Twinklers wait for Santa Claus to come there house and give the Sweets, Toys and Chocolates. It is indeed pride moment for them in entire society where in they can showcase their goodwill amongst other kids.

I would like to personally thank to Tr. Pulkit Goenka for an excellent co ordination for the entire event. I would also like to thank Bhavna Damani for yummy Cake and Tr. Vikas and Akshit for their support during event.

Lastly would like to thank Tr. Animesh and Tr. Rohan for coming as Santa and bringing smiles on the faces of so many kids.

Proud to be Tablers

Thanks and Regards
LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh
Chairman ART-40

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