“Spin the Spoon” fellowship @ Vizag RT 77


Spin the spoon is a fellowship concept that was initialized by Sq. Leg Dr. Raghu  in 2010, The basic idea of this initiative is to increase the bonding and interaction among fellow tablers, ladies and square legs. The origin of spin the spoon started like this, a wooden spoon is placed on the floor and all the tablers sit in a circle, the spoon is spun and then whoever the spoon points to, that tabler has to host a home fellowship inviting the entire table either for breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner. The next host is decided at that home fellowship itself and then whoever the host is has to host a fellowship within 15 days. This was the actual concept .

This year we had the same idea however Chairman Shrawan added a twist. SPIN THE SPOON GROUP FELLOWSHIPS. Chairman Shrawan divided the entire table into different groups. The idea was that sometimes in smaller groups the interaction and bonding is more. Each group was assigned a captain to take charge and fix up a date and venue for the home fellowship.

The team captains were Tr. Inder, Tr. Pratik, Tr . Samir and Tr. Hiren.

Tr Inder and Anita hosted their group for a dinner fellowship at their place. They also played some fun games like taboo which made the evening entertaining.

Tr. Pratik and Kamna hosted their group for dinner at their place.

Tr. Samir and Jayti hosted their group for a lunch fellowship at their place wherein they served an authentic  Gujrathi meal with some yummy delicacies like dhokla, thepla, khandvi etc. It was a sumptuous meal that was thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Tr. Hiren hosted his group for dinner at his place and they also played some games to make the evening entertaining.

Kudos to all the group captains for taking charge and making sure that the spin the spoon was a grand success. We look forward to more such fellowships in the future.

Tr. Shashank Dutt Kancharla,
Vizag RT 77

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