RTI Week Celebrations @ Surat RT 135

The RTI week was kick started with “CLEAN INDIA DAY”.
Surat RT 135 
celebrated RTI week in association with Surat United RT 265. In presence of National Swachh Bharat Convener, LMF Tr. Piyush Agarwal of SRT-135 we celebrated it by distrubuting goodies and snack packets to SMC “Safai Karamchari” who works day night to keep out Surat city KHOOBSURAT. The workers were very happy to receive them and we were more happy to give them. 

On Day 2 of RTI week “NATIONAL PUBLICITY DAY” was celebrated by catering to public by giving water and spreading awareness about RTI to them. There were huge queues outside Banks and ATMs due to demonetisation, we took the initiative to give water to them and we also installed water cans outside shops. 

On Day 3  under “NATIONAL  LAPD  INITIATIVE”  HRD was conducted by Tr. Amit and Area LAPD convenor Cr. Tanushri of SRT 135 and SLC 72 respectively. The topic of the evening was Communication, and it was  done  in  presence of Area  LAPD  Convener Tr. Prakash Anandani of SURT-265 The duo explained us how  Communication  is important , and also breifed us about the four points it takes to be a good communicater. The LAPD session was well conducted with interactive games jointly with SURT-265.

Along with the LAPD session , we also undertook “NATIONAL FELLOWSHIP INITIATIVE” as a part of RTI week celebrations and did fellowship.Tr. Puneet of SRT 135 made sweet and chilling coffee and served us. Jointly with SURT-265,SLC -72 and SULC 138, and in presence of Area  11  Chairman Tr. Sumit Khuraana, we enjoyed the evening with some smoky Hookah as well. The ambience of the venue added extra charm to the fellowship. 

Next day of the RTI week belonged to “COMMUNITY SERVICE at FTE SCHOOL”. Along with SURT-265 and SLC 72, we distrubuted Hindi and English Text books and snacks to the children at FTE schools built by SCRT 195 and SRT 135 at Kharwasa and Bonand respectively. Under the guidance of Area FTE project convener Tr.  Mukesh  Bhajanka of SRT-135, it  was  satisfaction personified to distribute books and cookies and see the smiles on the face of the underprivileged children. 

Along with the text books distrubution at the FTE school, we also planted saplings at the FTE school built by SCRT  195 under the “GO GREEN INITIATIVE”. With the help of Tablers of SURT-265 and Circlers from SLC -72, we dug holes and planted the saplings. We even educated the children of the school the benefits of plants and trees in our daily life and long term impact. 

“TAARE ZAMEEN PAR”,  a national initiative for the underprivileged children, was also done by us as a part of RTI Week at Bonand FTE school built by SRT 135. Again with SURT-265 and SLC 72, we gave the children drawing sheets and were asked to colour them.The children did their job beautifully and the best five paintings out of 90 students were given the prizes.

On the last day of  RTI week  “FAMILY  SPORTS /EXCURSION INITIATIVE”  was  also  done  by  our  table, again with our sponsor table SURT-265. SLC -72  and SULC 138 also joined in along with the twinklers. We had kept an inter table and circle bowling competition which was attended by maximum tablers and circlers. Lots of hooting clapping and cheering were done by the tablers and circlers for their team members as a small token of appreciation. 

Overall it was a satisfying week.

Tr. Deepak Kherajani,
Chairman (2016-17), Surat RT 135

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