Kolkata Victorian RT 227 & Kolkata Aspire RT 161 inaugurate P&G Shiksha School Block

Inaugration of RTI and P& G Shiksha School Block in partnership with KART 161.

School: Devdhari Hindi High School.

Location: Banipur, Outskirts of Kolkata.

Date:  5th February 2017.

“A child without education is a bird without wings”- Tibetan Proverb.

With Indians ever increasing population the biggest challenge and the matter of concern is to provide quality education for every child born. Though the Indian government has been partially successful in increasing the literacy rate percentage however there still exits a major gap. India’s majority population lives in rural and yet there are countless villages where the children are not even getting the basic education properly. Illiteracy is a self fulfilling curse that perpetuates the chain of poverty, degradation and child labour. Round Table India has very well taken this initiative to reach out to these areas where the government is yet to lay its eyes upon.

After finishing a breakfast fellowship at the Russels Dhaba the fleet of cars in a queue drove down an hour east to reach the narrow lanes of the villages in which the school was to be inaugurated. The narrow lane opened to a large ground. The villagers and the children were waiting anxiously for our arrival. When we arrived we had a very warm welcome from the local folks with welcome music, and few performances by the school kids. The podium was neatly kept on the stage with Round Table Banners along with KVRT-227 logos all around. After a small speech from the school caretakers and the local politicians we briefed the locals about the whole Tabling Movement. Later  the school headmaster took us for an orientation of the building work that had been completed. The classrooms were filled with the aroma of the newly painted walls and the woody chairs and tables. With loads of thanks and appreciation the locals greeted us whole heartedly. The smiles on the face of the children were a beautiful sight. Now they too can study in a proper environment and get a direction in their lives.

We would like to thank all the dignitaries like Tr. Chris Arvinth (Rti National Vice President), Tr. Sandeep Harbhajanka (Area 4 Chairman), Tr Sundeep Kapoor( Area Project Convenor) and Chairmen of both the Tables of KVRT 227 Tr. Sandeep Lalwani and Tr. Dinesh Tanwari from KART-161 along with all the Tablers present.

It was a real proud moment for each of the Victorians.  A glorious first half of the day was well spent. True to the definition of the word pure team work we Victorians are setting an example like other Tables in the Tabling fraternity in the pursuit of helping and providing quality education to the underpriviledged.

Tr. Ankit Budhia,
Blog Convener, KVRT 227

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