Fellowship: “Garden Social” at Ahmedabad RT 40


Tr Pulkit and Tr Animesh along with Cr Aditi and Cr Bhavna had planned a Garden Social with Live Music and Bon-fire on 11th December, 2016 at Goenka House. In the social the entire family of ART-40 and ALC-64 were invited

The host had personally called each and every Tabler, Circler and 41ners to attend the social. They had prepared a beautiful flyer which was promoted on our Tabling Groups. At the beginning of the party the host had served us with Hot Soup, Starters and Pani-Puris. The evening weather was cold enough to make all of us sit near the bon-fire and enjoy the hot delicacies with the tabling buddies.

Post the welcome was over the host had involved all the participants in Couple Games. In one of the games the couples were paired together and the guy was given a white plain paper to hold while the girl was given lipsticks. The girl had to use the lipstick and kiss the paper within one minute. The paper having maximum kisses was declared the winner. Post couple games, we had played Housie where all the members including twinklers were actively involved.

Once the games were over, the dinner was served to all the members present. The dinner menu consisted of Italian, Punjabi and Oriental Food which was relished by all of us. The fried ice-cream was the icing on the cake. Once the dinner was over we all did Couple Dance with the Live Music. The bollywood songs didn’t allow us to leave before 11:30 in the evening.

We really had a great time playing games, enjoying food and music and creating a bond among friends.

Thank you, Tr Animesh, Tr Pulkit, Cr Aditi, Cr Bhavna for giving us suchwonderful memories.

Thanks & Regards.
LMF Tr Ankit Parikh
Chairman, ART-40

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