Bhubaneswar Midtown RT 93 build classrooms and lab @ Debraj Bidyapitha

India stands a poor 112th in the global child development index. This dismal standing is a direct consequence of the large percentage of India living below poverty line.Since 1997, RTI has impacted approximately 6 million people with an outlay of roughly 180 crores by building 5377 classrooms in 2172 schools.

We at BMRT – 93 were not new to FTE projects and were determined to contribute to this huge drive by RTI in our own small way. Right from the start, we wanted to do it in a different way, to make a complete departure from the stereotyped design. Our effort was to make a model school guided by the philosophy that a school for the under privileged need not look like one.

Scouting around for schools in and around Bhubaneswar, we zeroed in on
Debraj Bidyapitha, a small school in the heart of the city which was in dire need of extra classrooms. After inspection of the school, and discussions with the Principal, we decided to make 4 classrooms, 1 lab and 1 teacher’s room. The school management were delighted and gave us a go ahead right away.

Design and layout planning was handled by Tr. Chirag Swain, an architect by profession. He came up with a beautiful elevation, which was appreciated by all. Tr. Amit Baid took up the construction work. The project was completed within 5 months.

A wonderful building came up inside the Bidyapitha campus providing the much needed rooms and facility for the many children studying there.The total cost of the project was 25 lacs, and was raised through donations and table funds.

Our heartfelt thanks to the support from our sponsors, RTIT- Round Table India Trust, Khimji Foundation, Mr. Devjyoti (Lulia) Patnaik and Mr. Nachiketa (Happy) Mohapatra.

Area Chairman Tr. Harmeet Singh took out time from his busy schedule and inaugurated the school in the presence of the entire school, Tablers, Circlers, HTs, Square Legs and Twinklers. Our school was appreciated in the entire area and national groups and the table received many acknowledgements from the tabling fraternity.

When you sponsor a child, you help in shaping that child’s future! The joy of knowing that you are having a lifelong positive impact on the life of a child is truly amazing.

Best Regards,
Amit Baid,
Bhubaneswar Midtown RT 93

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