91 people benefit from Limb Donation by Salem RT 28

Limb Donation project by Salem Round Table 28

 Limb Donation projects have always been dear to Salem Round Table 28. The table has been doing its fair share in the previous years and after a long stint we set out to make it big this year.

We identified 91 Beneficiaries with the help of Salem District Udavikaram differently abled welfare association and the estimated project cost was Rs. 3.8 Lakhs. The next big question was how do we raise funds for the event?

This was deliberated and discussed and finally the answer – Go Online. We set up a flyer and a web page to receive online payments and went about informing all friends and relatives about the Noble project. The response that we received for the same was phenomenal.

Individuals and Organisations alike came forward and donated generously for the project.  The Tablers started it off by donated 1 Limb from each floor tabler of Salem Round Table 28.

Our Ladies circle, APEX Club of Coimbatore and Lowellember Moo – a group of friends from the USA also donated and we were able to raise a whopping Rs. 3.5 Lakhs for the project.

The very 1st online donor Tr. Ashvin Kumar – Area Secretary Area 7 was the Guest of Honor for the event. Tr. Amol Area Vice Chairman Area 7 was invited as the Chief Guest of the Event.

The press and members of the Salem District Udavikaram differently abled welfare association was also present along with the Beneficiaries to receive their artificial limbs.

The donors were facilitated with a memento. A big Thank you to SBM Orthotic Center for getting the limbs ready on time.

It was truly heartwarming to see the 91 Beneficiaries walk back with a big SMILE on their face!!

LMF Tr. Velkrishna
Project Convener
Salem Round Table 28




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