Calicut LC 69 and Calicut RT 69 inaugurate nursery section @ Chevayur AUP School

New Nursery Section Inaugurated at Chevayur AUP school, Chevayur, Kozhikode by Calicut Ladies Circle 69 and Calicut Round Table 69.

The “CUPS Nursery”, a nursery section for kindergarten classes, at the Chevayur AUP school in Kozhikode was successfully inaugurated on June 25, 2016. The project was undertaken and successfully completed by Calicut Ladies Circle 69 and Calicut Round Table 69, utilising RTIF FTE Assist grant and donor funds.

Chevayur UP School, situated in the heart of Chevayur town has always been the frontrunner in uplifting the education in the area. The School was founded in 1910 as a ‘Pallikoodam’. It caters to students from economically backward families, who have no other means to acquire quality primary and secondary education. Until June 2016, the school had no kindergarten classes and no financial means to start the same.

CLC 69 and CRT 69, with the help of donor funds and FTE assist grant, refurbished an existing dilapidated structure at the school and made two nursery classrooms. Member of Parliament Mr. M. K. Raghavan inaugurated the nursery section on June 25, 2016. The classrooms, which have a total capacity of 50 students, were also provided state of the art furniture as part of the project.

Recent research shows that children are most influenced by experiences in the first six years of their lives. Subsequently, providing quality care and education to kindergarten children becomes an essential requirement. The nursery section now provides education and mentoring for kindergartners from the most needy sections of society, who otherwise would have had no opportunity to attend school or be exposed to reading, learning and constructive play.

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