“Taare Zameen Par” / Kolkata Victorian RT 227

Taare Zameen Par – “The day the stars come out to paint and play”

As the saying goes “extending one hand to help somebody has more value than joining two hands for prayer”

The famed project initiated by KVRT 227 four years ago got bigger this year not only in terms of sponsorships or number of children but also due to emotional reasons. We all celebrated it in a more larger than life manner.  This year we had invited 2000 underprivileged children from different schools and Ngo’s from Kolkata and adjoining areas.

Though the weather played a spoilsport with us but the children came as protectors for us in disguise. They were unwilling to return with just goodie bags and lunch. They wanted to be a part of the event in the drizzling rain. They came running in front of the stage and stood rock solid to dance and sing. The emcee and the Victorians cudnt have imagined such a sight.  The children with their teachers enjoyed non stop music and dance.

The project took days of hard team work. The whole idea behind this project was to make the day special for these young underprivileged children and make them feel special. There was sitting drawing competition, art and craft work, tattoo making, face painting, music and games along with lunch. Around 80 corporates and business houses came forward generously with sponsorships to lend their support in making this event successful. We could see no hesitation in any of the sponsors in writing fat cheque amounts to us until we literally had to close down as we were falling short of space in the hoardings. Publicity was taken special care before the event to create the necessary PR as well as awareness throughout the city. The event organizing team left no space uncovered and gave special attention to minutest details in terms of decoration and other necessary arrangement.

The venue was decorated like a birthday function with lots of balloons, along with banners of sponsors everywhere. The stage had a beautiful backdrop of Taare Zameen Par logo. The children were distributed stationary inside bio degradable bags having the Round Table India logo thus help the Tabling movement to get good publicity. There were acrobats going on at one end of the venue and then live size puppets interacting and playing with the children. The corporates who came delivered brief speech and their happiness to be a part of such a mega project.

The Victorians of 227 along with tablers from other table were spread around the venue and were seen constantly on their heels to make sure everything was going smooth. There was a press conference held in association with leading newspapers of the city that covered the entire event in detail.

The corporate who were present were given branded coffee mugs of RTI from the Supply House as a memento.

All in all the day was well spent. The event truly spoke of its magnitude by the people, the children, the sponsors, Tablers from other Tables talking about it.

We will continue the legacy of bringing smiles to unlimited faces year on year and even try and make it bigger with time.

Tr. Ankit Budhia
Blog Convener – KVRT 227.


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