RTI School Maintenance Camp by Ahmedabad RT 40

RTI School Maintenance Camp

ART 40 and ALC 64 in association with Handy Services had organized a free school Maintenance Camp for FTE Round Table schools on 25th and 26thNovember, 2016. We have identified 6 schools in Ahmedabad where we have decided to execute this camp.

The beauty of this camp is that Handy Services will provide free material and labour for all electrical, carpentry and plumbing work at these schools. It is very important that we take care of our schools post construction. Also, generally the schools after becoming operational do require such maintenance on yearly basis so that its functioning is smooth. We had immediately agreed with the idea proposed by Handy Services and had effectively implemented the same in Round Table Schools.

Handy Services had involved 45 technicians for undertaking these jobs at various schools for these 2 days. The school trustees were extremely happy and satisfied as we have undertaken this unique project for the very first time in all the schools simultaneously.

We also got good publicity from media who covered our event very nicely. The said project was covered by DNA and Ahmedabad Mirror (leading English newspaper in the city). We are happy to share that Ahmedabad Mirror have given us 1 full page coverage for this unique activity done by us.

Proud to be a Tabler.
Thanks and Regards
LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh
Chairman – ART 40

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