Fellowship: Movember fun @ Vizag RT 77


No shave November or Movember is a concept where in one doesn’t shave for the entire month of November and grows a long beard . So , to keep up with that spirit and challenge , some of the tablers maintained their beards for more than a month.

As  November is coming to an end , our “OUT OF THE BOX” fellowship convener, Tr . Naveen Perla decided to call for a fellowship at TEA TRAILS  café to showcase each other’s beards .

Some of us were able to maintain the beards well whereas others shaved it off. Nonetheless those you kept up to the challenged flaunted their beards with pride while others just joined in to watch the fun .

Tr . Naveen is well known for his whacky ideas. He carried shaving cream to the café and tried to shave everyone who had beards, thankfully it wasn’t shaving cream , it was just party snow  (haha)

This fellowship was very chilled out where we just sat in a tea café that specializes in serving different types of tea . We kept ordering food and as the food and teas arrived, we relished every bit of it . This reminded us of our college days where in we would  spend time sitting in the canteen ordering food till we would have to be forced to leave . It was a similar situation here, only we were not forced to leave .We had good participation from tablers, ladies and Sq.legs so as and when more people started coming in , we realized that we were going to be here for a while  and kept ordering more food .We just couldn’t stop eating . We kept the fellowship fun and entertaining by making the most noise at our table and pulling each other’s  legs . We made so much noise that the waiter was having a tough time keeping up with the orders.

All in all another awesome fellowship to remember for 77

Tr. Shashank Dutt Kancharla,
Vizag RT 77


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