350 children of Chandkhed benefit from school inauguration by Poona Mid Town RT 65

Poona Mid-Town Round Table No.65 and Ladies Circle No.53 inaugurate the 1st phase of Chandkhed School at  Chandkhed Village on 10th Dec, 2016.

Pune, 10th Dec, 2016

Continuing the focus of PMRT-65 and PMLC-53 on the Round Table motto ‘ Freedom through education’ they inaugurated their 3rd school in that area.

Past school structure was in shambles and collapsing. Every monsoon the old structure was sinking thus making it life threatening for the children.

On 10th December the school was inaugurated by Area 15 Chairman Abhishek More and Table 65 Chairman Rahul Hatkar. The new school will accommodate 350 children and immediately benefit 200 children. It will have 8 classrooms, 2 toilet blocks and 1 kitchen (serving mid day meals). Phase 1 which was inaugurated has 5 classrooms.

PMRT 65 tablers and PMLC 53 Circlers distributed RTI school bags to 350 children. They have already donated shoes and books in past few months.

Tr. Nitin Bellara,
Poona Mid Town RT 65

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