RTI Week Celebrations @ Vizag RT 77

RTI Week 2016 of VRT 77

Day 1 – 9th Nov from 1000 hrs – 1700 hrs

The first day of the RTI Week started with Blood Donation at A.S.Raja blood bank wherein all the tablers of Vizag have gathered to their bit. 26 people donated blood during this all table blood donation camp.

Thanks to Tr.Vidhan (first time donor) , Tr.Sandeep Choudary (A/C) , Tr.Umesh , Tr.Shashank , Tr. Ramayya , Sq.Leg Aanand Khara , Sq.Leg Deepak, Sq.Leg Dr.Rakesh and Sq.Leg Sandeep Chitra donated blood on behalf of 77.

Day 2 – 10th Nov from 2100 hrs – 2300 hrs

After blood donation camp it was time to chill out and enjoy the nice weather. All the tablers and ladies alognwith twinklers gathered at beach front at Ibico for yummy ice creams and milk shakes. Upon having yummy desserts , lanterns were released on the beach to promote and celebrate “Go Green”.

Thanks to Reena , Nehal , Vidhan , Samir , Rohit, Dushyant , Twlkr Adi , Umesh , Sandeep Choudari , Dr.Rakesh for attending the fellowship.

Day 3 – 11th Nov from 1345 hrs – 1600 hrs

Multi tasking planning and perfect execution were the end results of the day at RTI Vasant Bala school.

Immediately after the lunch break , tablers gathered at Class 10 and conducted essay writing competition on “Solar Energy and its importance”. With 30 mins time frame and 200 words restriction same was conducted. Upon completion of same , HR session was taken by Tr.Ramayya on Time Management and Importance of Yoga by Reena Somani for one hour each for class 9 and 10 students.

By the end of the day , goody bags were distributed to all the 350 students and one complete set of books received from S Chand was handed over to the school management. 

Day 4 – 13th Nov – Bhumi Pooja for Paderu 4 classroom block and NFD celebrations

Yet another milestone in the making to the history of 77. The 9th project undertaken by VRT77 was all set to kick start with the bhumi pooja at Paderu. This would be 4 classroom project in the 2nd block of Vijanana Bharati school at Paderu.  This school is apprx 130 kms away from Vizag in the tribal areas of Aaraku.

Tr.Samir , Tr.Ramayya and Sq.Leg Rajesh attended the bhumi pooja.

Just wait………..thats not the end of it. While few attended the bhumi pooja; back at Vizag all the tables got together to celebrate the National Fellowship day at Park hotel. Pleasant weather , great food and fun unlimited. Can’t ask for more for a Sunday

Day 5 – 14th Nov – Taare Zameen Par at Lebenshielf from 0930 hrs – 1300 hrs

Children are special. But few children are even more special.

Yet another permanent project taken up by the tables of Vizag towards celebrating the RTI Week.

Another all table event held at Lebenshielf school from morning onwards. All the challenged kids were made to participate in painting competition first. Then lunch was organized to all the 300 + kids and prize distribution was done in presence of everyone. The smile on the kids was worth to watch. Above all the event itself has seen some very good attendance from table fraternity.

Day 6 – 15th Nov – Movie screening “Kashmora” to all the RTI school kids.

Trademark event of 77 which is being religiously conducted year after year. Kids from VBV School , Karasa school and Marikwalasa school all attended in full strength to rock the theatre with their claps , excitement and above all to showcase their happiness. 400 + kids thoroughly enjoyed the day which they always look forward for. Snacks and soft drinks were also given to all the kids during interval.

Day 7 – 16th Nov – Donation of Rs.50,000/- to DCF towards “First Smile”

The baby project of 77 , “First Smile” cannot be missed out from RTI Week esp when same is considered by RTI at the national level. On this day we have donated Rs. 50,000/- towards 4 operations for under privileged kids to our own Tr.Ameet representing DCF as one of the board member.

Day 8 – 18th Nov till 19th Nov Ladies Outbound to Hyderabad

Chairman’s dream of an exclusive ladies outbound has finally kicked off. Lot of planning and finally pulled off. Ladies flew to Hyderabad in the morning flight and then settled in hotel Daspalla. After shopping , site seeing finally they settled in OTM for the night party.

Day 8 – 19th Nov – Breakfast donation to Madhurawada blind School.

One of the oldest and regular feature of RTI week. Sq.Leg Raghu sponsored the breakfast for the kids of the blind school at Madhurawada school in his brother memory. Fruits and  Sweets were also given to the kids on this day.

Thanks & Regards,
Tr. GVS Ramayya & Tr. Dushyant Rathi
RTI Week Conveners, VRT 77

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