RTI Week: Day 6 & 7 @ Ahmedabad RT 40

RTI Week of ART-40 and ALC-64

Day 6

19th November, 2016

The date 19/11/2016 is very special for 40-64 Family because it was the first death anniversary of our dear Tr. Utkarsh Jani (UJ). We have decided to male this date special and decided to do something which can be considered as our small gesture to our dear friend UJ.

 We have decided to adopt a girl child named Manisha who is suffering from Leukaemia (a type of Cancer). The doctor who was doing the treatment of UJ had told his wife Chaitali that if this girl gets chemo-therapies and medicines at appropriate time, there is 80% chance that the girl child can be saved.

 Post gaining knowledge over the medical expenses properly which is proposed to be incurred on the girl child, our Table and Circle had jointly decided to adopt the same girl and start with her treatment immediately. We have informed the doctors to start with the treatment immediately. On 19/11/2016, when we gave the cheque, the doctors have express the gratitude towards the noble cause done by us.

 On that day after the project, we felt happy and satisfied on doing this wonderful project . UJ my brother you will always be missed.

 Day 7

20th November, 2016

On this day ART-40 and ALC-64 had done two activities:

A)   Project

We have decided to donate the dinner of mentally challenged students of Prakash School in Ahmedabad. These kids apart from being mentally challenged are also orphans. At evening 6 o’ Clock we went to the orphanage and the admin staff had given us the food to serve the kids. When we were serving the food the kids were laughing and clapping on us. May be funny but this give goosebumps to us. The kids have enjoyed the meal with sweets on the last day of RTI Week.

 Thank you RTI for giving us this opportunity of doing this wonderful project quite frequently.

 B)   Fellowship  

 ART-40 had hosted a Ghazal Night by a famous singer Atul Bhrambhatt as a part of our celebration towards successful RTI Week. The said Ghazal Night was hosted at the residence of Tr. Priyam Patel.

 We have also invited NNBS Students and Coaches who have come to visit Area XI along with the NNBS Team, we have invited the National and Area NNBS Convener for the evening. We enjoyed the wonderful Ghazals and Bollywood Songs till 1 A.M in the Night. 

 All the team members were dressed up in Traditional giving perfect match at the ambience and decor at the venue.  The food was delicious and spicy. We were glad to see that the NNBS Students who has travelled from Netherlands and landed in Ahmedabad on the same day early morning were not tired and they also danced till 1 A.M in the morning.

 We would like to thank Tr. Priyam for giving us a wonderful event. I would also like to thank 40-64 Family, National Board and Area Board for their continuous support during the entire RTI Week.

 Thanks and Regards
LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh
Chairman ART-40

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