RTI Week: Day 3,4 & 5 @ Ahmedabad RT 40

RTI Week of ART-40 / ALC – 64

 Day 3

16th November, 2016

ART-40 and ALC-64 had decided to donate

·         4 Sewing Machines

·         5 Hearing aids

·         10 Cataract Operations

To the needy and handicapped people of the society. The Cataract Operations were planned at Bareja Hospitals where we have invited 10 poor and old people for their Cataract Surgeries. The doctors checked them – (6 Ladies and 4 Gents) and then did their surgeries. We have met all of them and they have given their good wishes to our team and organisation.

From Bareja, then we went to Blinds People Association where we have given 4 Sewing Machines from which they will earn for their daily needs. We have also given 5 Hearing aids to old aged people above 60 years who were 80% or more deaf.  After giving them the hearing aid, they gave good wishes to us by stating that “You Never Become Deaf in Your Entire Life”. 

A very satisfying project on the occasion of RTI Week done by us.

 Day 4

17th November, 2016

ART-40 and ALC-64 had decided to donate

·         5 Tube lights

·         4 Fans

·         100 pair of shoes

At Andh Apang Kalyan Kendra, a school for blind and handicapped people. 

We were informed by the school authorities that they were in need of Tube light and Fans so that the student can be given a better facility and atmosphere to study in the classroom. We also came to know that these are the 100 students who had never worn school shoes in their entire life.

Our Tr. Akshit personally went to the school and requested the school teachers to give the shoe sizes of all the students. Based on the sizes received, we have ordered 100 pair of shoes and donated the same to the school on the occasion of RTI Week. The said shoes are specially as per the size of the respective students.

As per the school authorities, now the students have complete uniform including shoes to study in the classroom. We felt very happy to provide smiles on the faces of 100 kids on this day.

 Day 5

18th November, 2016

ART-40 and ALC-64 have decided to donate Speaker and Mic at old age homes where 50 old people are residing. Donation is given because they wanted to do Bhajans and Musical Programs as a part of their routine activities.

We have also sponsored the lunch for the day. As a matter of good gesture, the end of the old age home, they have organised a Satyanarayan Katha. We have attended the said Katha and also did Aarti of Lord Satyanarayan. Old people gave us good wishes and blessings for the wonderful work done by us.

We have also enjoyed the Prasad and Lunch along with the old people.

Proud to be a Tabler
Thanks and Regards
LMF Tr. Ankit Parikh
Chairman ART – 40

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