RTI Week: Day 1 & 2 @ Ahmedabad RT 40

Round Table India week celebration by Ahmedabad Round Table 40 and Ahmedabad Ladies Circle 64

 14th November 2016 to 20th November 2016.

ART-40  and ALC-64 had planned the RTI week for 7 days commencing from 14th November 2016 and ending on 20th November 2016. In this 7 days we will be doing 13 projects of different types for Under Privileged Kids, Handicap People, Old People, Cancer Patient and Swachhta Abhiyan.

Day 1

14th November 2016

This was the First day of our RTI week and our First project was giving/ distributing food to 500 Under Privileged kids on children’s day. This initiative is our Second phase of 40-64 feeds project. In this project we have collected Rs 100 from tablers/ circlers for giving food to Under Privileged childrens. We got massive collection of Rs 1,00,000 from tablers/circlers across India. The First edition of this project was done on 02 October,2016. Where we have given food to 500 kids 

This time we have divided our member in two teams who went to slums of Prahaladnagar and Vasana. We have distributedthem Chole, Puri, Gulab Jamun, Pulav, 1kg Atta and 1 Perk Chocolate. We had some balanced food left up which was being distributed to Pirana slum as well.

Our good cause was even covered by media on the same day. One of the leading Newspaper DNA covered our entire activity and also printed the same on the eve of Children’s day.

All in all a very satisfying project wherein we have feed 1000 under privileged kids on auspicious day on 2nd October 2016 and 14th November 2016.

Day 2

15th November 2016

We have decided to donated

·         Tricycle

·         Wheelchair

·         Artificial Limbs

to handicapped and needy people of the society. The project was organized at Blind People Association at 11 am in the morning. We have given Tricycle to couple of ladies who were in need of the same. One of the lady told us that she wants the tricycle since past 10 years and has approached various NGO/Charitable Organization but are not able to receive the same. She on receipt of Tricycle had given us lot of blessings which even touched our heart.

We have given the artificial limbs in form of Hands/legs to the student who have lost the same at very young age. The boy who got the leg felt the sense of Independent walking without any stick or support.

The said activity was even covered by Local TV channel GSTV and they have also taken our interview to understand about RTI and good activities done by us.

We are happy that RTI has given us the platform of giving back something to the society.

Proud to be a Tabler
Thanks and regards
LMF Tr Ankit Parikh
Chairman – ART-40

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