“Ten Tana Tan” / Mega Cricket Fellowship @ Area X

Ten Tana Ten” Season 7.

Life is a circle. What goes around comes around. There are many such quotable quotes. A live example is Ten Tana Ten – Season 7. Ten Tana Ten was conceptualised under the chairmanship of Tr Amit Handa in 2010. He appointed Tr Ankesh Jain as the 1st convener of Ten Tana Ten. This year, Tr Ankesh Jain is the chairman & Tr Amit Handa the Convener for Ten Tana Ten – 7. Circle complete.

Tr Amit Handa & Tr Kunal Pawar joined hands to take Ten Tana Ten up to the next level. An event that has evolved from ‘just’ a cricket tournament in Area X to one of the best sporting events in all of Round Table India. It’s gargantuan in size, hosting 12 teams & conducting 16 matches in a single day at 4 different cricket grounds. The fixtures were drawn at the AeX on 15th October, on the eve of Ten Tana Ten.

The scheduled start was at 7am in the morning, a tough call due to all the partying at GLAM! the previous night. Tr Sandeep Harapanahalli performed yeoman service; he landed up at The Gateway Hotel, the convention hotel at 6 am and woke everyone up multiple times. It’s due to his efforts that people turned up at the main ground at 7am, else we would not be able to star before 10am. Take a bow sandy. Tablers of HART 153 were the first team to report in full gear and ready to play at 7am sharp. Kudos to Tr Nitin Shenoy & Team HART 153. They were true gentlemen and perfect tablers in more ways than one.

The tournament was inaugurated at 7.30am with the Area X – Area Chairman Tr Mahendra Yadav & Tr Prithvi of DRT 76, co-incidentally the Platinum event partner doing the honors. A Special mention to Tr Prithvi Raj of DRT 76 – when he came forward to be our premiere event partner. A toast to the spirit of tabling in this instance!

The set up for the main ground had some new features – standees of the logos of each table and circle along the approach pathway to the ground, the food carnival housed under elegant gazebos, a fully covered seating area, a segregated breakfast and lunch area, spaces provided to event partners for demo cars, motorbikes, bicycles, Children’s outdoor gym and sports equipments areas, a cricket coaching camp just for kids and a Live LED display board.

There were several new concepts implemented at Ten Tana Ten -7. We had a Twinklers coaching camp, where in professional KSCA grade coaches gave cricketing tips to twinklers all day.

An all day food carnival was set up at the main ground where several food stalls were set up. We had a donuts, muffins and cakes stall, ice creams stall, Tender Coconut water stall, samosa and kachori counter, Live dosa counter, Live sandwiches & sweet corn counter, an extremely popular Live Kebab station, Live popcorn & cotton candy stall and the biggest hit of the day, a Live Ice Gola  counter. It was amazing and funny to watch grown men go gaga over golas, not just women and kids. Many men took several helpings too! Lunch was a lavish affair with a special Savji menu, the veggies had nothing to complain of, and they had absolutely succulent & fresh paneer dishes and more.

Triumph Bikes had come in with their bikes for display and demo, and kids took full advantage of that, receiving joy rides all day long. Appreciate the gesture from team Triumph for patiently giving joy rides to kids all day long.  We had children’s playground equipment 2 days in a row, Twinklers had an amazing time playing on the equipment provided by me (Tr Basu) on behalf of Achievers gym for GLAM! and Ten Tana Ten. Deepak cycles pitched in with Trek and Firefox bikes for demo rides. Circlers, Ladies, Twinklers and Tablers took several rides on the bikes, thoroughly enjoying themselves in the process.

Ten Tana Ten has metamorphosed from a Cricket only event to an event for the entire family, with some activity in it for everyone.

The matches were phenomenal – the much vaunted cricketing catch phrase proved to be true on that day – Cricket is a game of glorious uncertainties. Last over heroics, a last ball misfield that resulted in a boundary needed for a tie, 3 super overs, spectacular catches & even more spectacular dollies that were put down, superb batting efforts, amazing bowling, a fantastic gesture by Team HRT 37 & HRT 231 in playing a dead rubber match – in the true spirit of participation.

A Special mention to a fantastic show by HART 153 on the Ethos of Tabling, cricket and a reminder why it’s called the gentlemen’s game. Kudos to Chairman Tr Nitin Shenoy & Team HART 153 for your magnanimity & the living the principles of our movement. A big thank you to team BVRT 152 too, for their kind gesture.

Tr Amit Desai of HKRT 178 took up the commentator’s role and entertained everybody with 6 hours of nonstop humor, wisecracks, jokes and commentary which had everyone in splits. A big thank you to Doc Tr Sachin Hoskatti for the medical kits. A big shout out to Tr Sachin T for the excellent trophies and mementos. Special mention to the newly minted Tr Srinivas Kalburgi who handled the LED display & sound for all the matches. We’re sure team DandaNaka will be giving a special offer to Tr Srinivas for making DandaNaka the theme jingle of the day for any boundary, six or wicket. Tr Vishal Markumbi spent 2 days at the main ground during the buildup of the event, ensuring it was in top shape for the matches. A big thank you to past Tabler Sanket Balenavvar for his timely support.

We would be remiss in not mentioning the special efforts put in by Team KRT 154 & IRT 267 who could not make it on Saturday due to a Bandh in the area. They set out on Sunday early morning so that they could participate in the tournament, showcasing the bonds of friendship in Area X.

They came in as a joint team and played their quota of matches, with a little help from HART 153 & HKRT 178. Our Chairman Tr Ankesh Jain, playing in team KRT 154 won a man of the match due to his performance for KRT 154. The true spirit of tabling comes to the fore again. Team HART 153 lent 3 players to different teams who had players off due to injury. It was indeed a magnificent gesture from HART 153. Truly a team with a big heart.

Team Belgaum Cosmo Round Table 237 won the tournament & they put up a stellar show, with Tr Rohit Desai picking up 3 Man of the matches, best batsman and man of the series trophies. Team HCRT 142 was the runners up and the most consistent team in the history of Ten Tana Ten, being the finalists in all but one edition of the tournament.

A special mention to all members of team HKRT 178 who managed 4 grounds simultaneously, ensuring a smooth flow of the event & seamless transitions from league matches to the Semi finals & the Final. It was an out and out team effort to pull off an event of this size and magnitude. Some were instrumental in getting certain event partners on board. Some were instrumental in getting the grounds booked. Some took it upon themselves to be completely free & available on the date of the event to ensure that we could execute all our plans as well as we could. Each member contributed their time and efforts as and when needed and that has been the secret of success of Ten Tana Ten – Season 7.

We appreciate the participation of all the tables in Area X, whose whole hearted participation made Ten Tana Ten the success that it is.

Finally, our heartfelt thanks and gratitude to all our event partners, without their support none of this would have been possible.

Yours in Tabling                                                           Yours in Circling
LMF Tr. Basanagouda Shivalli                                 Cr. Panna Pawar
Fellowship Convener (2016-17)                              Fellowship Convener (2016-17)
HKRT 178                                                                         HKLC 143

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