Sports Fellowship @ Ahmedabad Frolic RT 199

AFRT 199 had organized super fun event of Sports Fellowship. It was spearheaded by our Sports Convener Tr. Deepak Maheshwary.

Flyers were spread by our Fellowship Convener Tr. Sumit Jain. This resulted in participation of almost all the tablers & HT’s & Jewels of the table. We had a strength of over 40 including tablers, circlers and a full strength of twinklers for football and cricket.

The teams were divided in two sides named Surgical Strikers captained by Tr. Deepak Maheshwary and Dare Devils captained by Tr. Akshay Sethia. Football match of tablers was won by team Dare Devils in a tightly fought match.

A football match for Twinklers was organized which was won by team captained by Tw. Sanchit Garg.

Then a 8 over cricket match comprising the team including twinklers was plated, Dare Devils again surgically striked the opponents to win the same too.

Rotating Trophies were distributed & then everybody relished snacks & Cold Drinks.

It was followed by 9th Business Meet of AFRT 199 in which Tr. Darshit Shah was inducted.

A super fun night with smiles and sweat on every face and body. AFRT199 is looking forward to many similar fellowships in coming times.


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