Celebration of Lights by Calcutta South RT 17 & Kolkata Knights RT 293

Celebration of light and Joy: DIWALI

A joint project by CCLC27 and CSRT 17…..Our babies: KKLC and KKRT293…

to spread the light…. share the joy with 100 odd homes. Its jus not lighting a diya or bursting a cracker…. its lighting of lovely smiles and bursting of laughters that we feel and witness at our diwali project….celebrating the festival of light with the 100 not so privileged kids is an experience in itself…

Twinklers doing rangoli… circlers lighting up diyas and tablers ready with their ‘phatakas’….its not at their homes… its at a school where kids from nearby bustee come to light up their lives through education… they were given new uniforms… a packet of crackers , snacks followed by fireworks…. their excitement was overwhelming and we felt gratified….

Tr. Nishant Khetawat

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