Bellary Vikings RT 152 participate in “Glam Slam” hosted by Hubli Knights RT 178



A team of 31 Tablers, Circlers, Ladies and Twinklers took a train to Hubli to participate in GLAM SLAM- A THEME BASED Fashion Show. Full of masti, entertainment, foodies in train.

HKRT 178 team was there at Station to welcome us and took us to the Hotel.

Circler Prathiba, Veena, Sheetal, and Pritika with support of Tr Raaj, Tr Kamal, Tr Vikram did a great job in deciding the theme of Zodiac Sign and for second round COOL DUDE. Props, dress-code, makeup artist, tattoos all were arranged from Bellary.

BVRT 152 & BVLC 127 were on time at the venue. What a fabulous arrangement by the HOST of the night. Full AREA X was there to honor the show.

First and Second round were over and the team was waiting to hear the result.

AND BINGO BVRT 152 and BVLC 127 won the First Prize in GLAM SLAM and qualified for Finals at Hyderabad.

Such an excited moment for all of us and the hard work paid off.

Thanks again to HKRT 178 & HKLC 143 for successfully organizing the MEGA SHOW.

Thanks & Regards
LMF Tr CA Pankaj K Seksaria
IT & BLOG Convenor
BVRT 152- Area X


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