“Younited” Area 8 come together for Flood Relief

We Stand against

‘Flood Affected People’

Natural Calamities does not take permission before destruction and Varanasi and Allahabad witnessed the biggest Flood affecting thousands of Village and People who are at the outskirts of River Ganga and Sangam. Lakhs of people have been shifted due to the continuous outburst which gave rise to destruction which cannot be explained in words. Against all the odds tablers have always proved that they stand YOUNITED and is ready to face any challenges whether it was Chennai or Assam or Jammu.

All the tablers from Allahabad and Varanasi without wasting anytime come to the rescue and started the rescue mission by helping 4000 + civilians, brothers & sisters by providing them necessities of life and are continuing our efforts for next few days as now the water is residing but now new challenges in form of medical supplies and taking steps against ill health have started.

26th August – DAY 1

As decided team of royals gathered at 6 am at Tr.Gaurav Residence and after gathering in good numbers Tr.Tanmay Jain lead ahead and we all left to the place with 1500 food packets and after loading the food packets in Cars we have also ordered for 1500 Candles, Match box, Biscuits, Water Bottles (1500 No’s) & Apple which was too loaded in cars and at 9 am reached Assi Ghat where in Tr.Ashish Poddar have in advance booked the 1 Steamer and 1 Boat for us – we ourselves loaded all the materials on the boat and left from the steamer at 10 am to the ‘Flood Affected Areas’ .

The flood affected areas are Samneghat, Varuna, and Assi Internal Areas – it took ½ hr to reach to our first spot  and it was decided that a team of 4 will continue this task – As we all reached Varuna scenes were horrifying to say the least all colonies, villages were flooded and the people were there on the terraces to save themselves – as it was not possible for steamer to go inside – a boat which was attached with the steamer was taken all packets was being transferred to boat – it was then decided as all cannot go at once then Tr.Tanmay Tr.Sanket, Tr.Ashish, and Tr.Gaurav  lead from the from and for 1st rescue mission started –  it took almost 1.30 hr for them to come and distributed all the Packets and shared that the scene was not good – all the people were giving their blessings for the stupendous work that VRRT is doing – They all were touched. It motivated us so much that whole VRRT 218 team even forgets to eat anything and continued our work ahead.

We then went to Varuna / Samneghat affected and moved ahead with 300 around packets and it took 2 hours for distribution in the internal areas where all communications were barred due to flood for more than a week now. After distributing close to 550+ Packets we distributed another 200 packets which were in line with the steamer and people collected from their Roofs where they were standing even we all have to literally throw the Packets in such a manner so that everyone can collect from their places –small children were throwing themselves in water for food and taking not only for themselves but for their whole family. At close to 1 pm almost 400 packets were being distributed and then another leap taken with high morale we came back from where. After 5 pm we all dispersed with happy souls and felt happy that we did something for the society and touched society at Large. We decided that on 28th August at same time we all will meet for our next target.

27th August – Day 2

YOUNITED group of all the 3 tables jointly started the rescue mission on Day 2 led by the Chairman of VRT 196 Tr.Yaduraj Kanudia and Secretary Tr.Apurv Mathur along with Area Chairman Tr.Siddharth Gupta and other tablers from VRT 196 along with VRRT 218 Chairman LMF Tr.Ankur Agarwal and VERT 278 Chairman Tr.Abhishek Pathak and few tablers from 278 joined the rescue mission at 8 am and started the work from 9.30 and as the day gone by on Day 1 with 3 tables getting YOUNITED and with 1500 Food Packets and other items it went till the evening on a continuous stretch and the real strength of YOUNITED grown.

28th August- DAY-3

As decided team of royals let by LMF Tr.Gaurav Sharma gathered at 8 am Food Packets (700 No ‘s) in 4 CARS and moved to padav where already camp under the name of Varanasi Royals was being kept with the permission of District Magistrate. The total number of flood victims in this area was close to 6000 and under our camp 1000+ flood victims were there in day 2 –we all started the work and by 2 pm we were successful in helping 500 civilians with food packets and necessary support. The tablers also helped them not only in providing food and medical support but also patiently listened to the people who lost everything in the flood and how now they will again need to build their houses from the scratch– We all realized today the ‘Law of Nature’ that miseries come unwarned. The worked ended at 6 pm on Day 3 .

MEDICAL CAMP ON 4th Sep @ Assi Ghat by 196,218,278 n Bhadohi

All the 3 tables YOUNITED and did a Joint ‘Medical Camp’ for the Flood Affected Citizens on 4th September from 10 am to 1 pm and all the 3 tables came together under the Leadership of Chairman Tr.Siddharth and actively participated for this cause – even tablers from Bhadohi travelled and joined the mission and making it complete.

VRRT 218 team did our bit – but we all are left with the gloomy faces which we have witnessed in the last 2 Days and we all pray to the almighty that the destruction settles down and people get back to normal in Kashi. We are fortunate to sit in our houses in lights but its all dark outside.

We will be organizing Medical Camp soon in 1st Week of September as loads of work is still left to be done.

Hope is what keeps us moving and we truly believe they have hope.

Tr.Sanket Bagla
Secretary , VRRT 218



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