HRD: Tablers & Circlers of Surat RT 135 get to know about “Game Theory”

The HRD conducted is known as ” Game theory”. It’s a game based theory. This theory is practically applicable in interpersonal relationships.This was conducted joint with circlers…

The game is all about what people in group do if each one wants to maximize net energy gain? This game is a eye opener where there is one crucial issue that can be resolved: who decides first, Leader or Follower and how to do in a team??? There are three possibilities: (a) Leader decides first; (b) Team member decides first; (c)All individuals decide together.

This game is a formal description of a strategic situation. Game theory is the formal study of decision-making where several players must make choices that potentially affect the interests of the other players. A mixed strategy is an active randomization, with given probabilities, that determines the team strength. So just to conclude if you can control your and your team members actions accurately, you may be able to succeed in life. Mastering this theory helps you improve relationship with other people and helps you get along a team very well.

Tr. Deepak Kherajani,
Chairman, Surat RT 135

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