Fellowship: Nine Nights of Garba @ Ahmedabad Frolic RT 199


Garba is synonymous with Gujarat & Nine Nights of Navratri is the epitome of fun. AFRT 199 as always celebrated the festival with great Frolic.

The fun started with the first day of Navratri. Tables, Circlers & Twinklers of AFRT199  gathered at one of the best Garba in the town at Gulmohar Green Club. It was a night of

revelry and super fun & even the unseasonal rain turning garba into rain dance but still there was no stopping us.

Navratri also coincided with the visit of National President Tr. Manpreet, National Presidnet Cr. Prachi Agarwal to Ahmedabad. On the occasion a joint Ahmedabad Tablers & Circlers get-together was organized which was attended in highest numbers by AFRT 199 at @Mango Banquet. It was an evening full of fun and frolic with awesome food to accompany. Overall an amazing bonding time with tablers from across Ahmedabad along with and Area XI Chairman Tr. Sumit Khurana Area XI Chairperson Cr. Smita.

The evening did not end at Dinner and the entire Tablers & Circlers went to Garba get-together at Merriment and were joined by other Tablers & Circlers. It was a fun night with

Everyone enjoying the night of Garba revelry and fellowship with the friends of Ahmedabad.

Next Tr. Swaraj Lahoty had kept the Shat Chandi Paath at his residence and the Mahaprasad ended with Garba Raas at his residence and the same was attended by nearly the entire tablers and circlers. It was a spiritual night with loads of chanting and followed by Maha Prasad and good garba bhakti.

As it is customary to have Fafda Jalebi on the day of Navrati ie. Dushera in Gujarat, the tablers decided to meet and have the same together. A good start to Vijaya Dashmi for sure with some lip smacking Fafda Jalebi and some really cool company of fellow tablers going on till 3 am.


Tr. Amit Garg,
Ahmedabad Frolic RT 199
Navratri & NP Visit (7).jpeg


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