Bhoomi Puja for 6 classrooms at Ranchodpura Village / Ahmedabad Frolic RT 199

AFRT 199 is embarking on its biggest project till date. The project at Ranchodpura Village is to build a new RTI FTE Block of 6 classrooms on 1st & 2nd Floor & the ground floor to be paved for holding functions etc.

The Bhoomi Pujan of the landmark project for AFRT199 was on 7th October, 2016 and the occasion was graced by the National President Tr. Manpreet Raja and AC Tr. Sumit Khurana along with the tablers, HT, Jewels, Prospects and well wishers.

The project is a landmark in terms of the scale and the impact it will have on the village. The project also has a contribution from the villagers so that they have the ownership of the project and make sure that the infrastructure can bring change in the lives of the current and future generations of the village.

Tr. Manpreet Raja also lauded the project of Ranchodpura School and the participation by the villages and the efforts put in by the entire team of AFRT 199 to begin their landmark project.

Tr. Amit Garg,
Ahmedabad Frolic RT 199

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