“Velocipede” / Fellowship @ Hubli Knights RT 178

“Velocipede” Fellowship

The transition from night owls to early birds was a deceptively easy one. From the stable that produced Nocturnal, rode in another thoroughbred – VELOCIPEDE – the breakfast savaari – an early morning fellowship.

Phones started buzzing at 6am and everybody assembled at 7.30 am. We went to a scenic spot, the highest point in the city of hubli – Budanagudda.
Area chairman Tr. Mahendra Yadav, battling a sore throat still managed to cycle his way up to the peak along with me. Many came on bikes. Tr. Arun caused a sensation with the fun Honda bike which was an instant hit with everyone wanting a ride on it. Special efforts made by our table Chairman Tr. Ankesh in arranging yummy breakfast.

Breakfast, fun, family bonding, mimicry by Cr. Vijetha, a fun sergeants act & strengthening of familial bonds, and getting a stark reminder on the need to save mother earth so that the next generations can enjoy the scenery and greenery.

It was an action packed event, a runaway hit, with an instant demand for more of such fellowships. Everybody had a connect to nature, rediscovering bonds of kinship with mother earth. Kids didn’t want to go back; the journey down was as fun as the journey going up.

A circler’s family connection at the temple – Cr Deepa’s dad was instrumental in getting the temple at the hilltop constructed.

And yes, before signing off, we are going to have an encore soon for those who missed it & for those who want to go again asap. And that, my friends, is worth all the efforts made by all of us at HKRT 178 & HKLC 143.

Yours in Tabling
LMF Tr. Basanagouda Shivalli
Fellowship Convener 2016-17
HKRT 178


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