Inter-table Garba Fellowship @ Surat

Garba Night socials and after garba fellowship on 9th oct

It was the 9th of October and National President RTI and LCIndia Tr.Manpreet Raja and Cr.Prachi Agarwal were in town.Gujarat,Navratri and the presence of Nations Presidents….the atmosphere couldn’t get any better.

It was super duper festive atmosphere and we tables and circles of Surat gathered at Star Galaxy club house to play Garba and bond with one another.

Everyone was dressed up in traditional Gujarati attire…Colourfull chaniya cholis,dupattas,kediyos and dandiya sticks.The evening started with Ambe maa’s aarti which the entire family performed together.

The decorations with matkis and flowers brought the event to life.

We all danced to the tunes of the DJ and had fun playing garba around the Ambe maa’s murti.

Everyone enjoyed bonding and dancing with Manpreet Raja and Prachi Agarwal and they too enjoyed the Gujarati festival in Gujarat.

Everyone relished the south Indian and punjabi cuisine with kulfi and rabdi for desserts.

The evening was fun filled and the night was exciting and full of energy as nobody wanted to go back home.

Party continued at Tr.Mukund residence with NP after garba social where few tablers played poker also. Fellowship was on till 5 in the morning..

A memorable fellowship in the presence of National Presidents indeed.

Tr. Deepak Kherajani
Surat RT 135

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